Monday, February 10, 2014

The X-Men: Volume 5

15984315From Goodreads:    Get ready for a crash course in X-MEN, students! Lesson #1: It ain't easy being a mutant. No sooner has their mentor, Professor X, died than Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants show up! Only a study in teamwork with the Avengers can help our grieving heroes make the grade. Lesson #2: Think twice before inviting family over. A friendly house call from the Juggernaut or Polaris, daughter of Magneto, isn't an appealing off-campus adventure! Lesson #3: Battling enemies including Mesmero, Blastaar, Red Raven, Warlock and Computo may cause cramps. Be sure to stretch before jumping into this pool! And for extra credit, pull an all-nighter with the origins of Iceman and Beast, and a rare Angel solo story! COLLECTING: X-Men 43-53, Avengers 53, Ka-Zar (1970) 2-3, Marvel Tales 30

My Thoughts:

-    This one doesn't have the best stories, but I still enjoyed it. 

-    I want more Juggernaut.

-    Angel's costume is awful!! The colors and the suspenders just kill me!

-    I the love the illustrations and the scenes. The artists are awesome.

-    Magneto looks crazed in a lot of the panels. He needs to tone down the angst.

-    The intro in the the front has spoilers!! Dang it Roy!

-    There is no way these characters are teenagers. They have jobs, they are ripped, and no teen's body is structured like that.

-    The origin stories of Iceman and Beast were really fun to read. I like learning about the character's history and facts.

-    At the end of the book, there are a series of Angel comics. He goes on a solo adventure. I liked it, but I thought Angel was way too intense.

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  1. Spoilers at the front!! That's awful!!! Juggernaut is so cool... have you seen the new photos from the movie???