Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Bad Ironclad!

13591162Goodreads Description:    Each of the books in Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales has elements of the strange but true and is presented in an engaging, funny format, highlighting the larger-than-life characters that pop up in real history.Big Bad Ironclad! covers the history of the amazing ironclad steam warships used in the Civil War.
From the ship’s inventor, who had a history of blowing things up and only 100 days to complete his project, to the mischievous William Cushing, who pranked his way through the whole war, this book is filled with surprisingly true facts and funny, brave characters that modern readers will easily relate to.

My Thoughts:

-    This was another hilarious and educational tale! I loved it!

-    I really like that Nathan Hale (the spy) is still telling stories to the hangman and the redcoat. It's like Scheherezade telling stories to the king to stay alive.

-    I didn't know there were naval battles in the Civil War! That is really cool.

-    William Cushing was the best part of this book. He was hilarious and awesome! I love that he was a forerunner for the Navy Seals. I want to go research this guy some more.

-    The Lego instructions are at the end are gut busting funny.

-    I like the color and lack of color. The last book used red, and this one uses blue.

-    The author took some liberties with the characters, but I thought he did a good job keeping the history straight. My favorite "liberty" was the fox. 

-    Hale's illustrations are simple, but he does a good job of getting a lot out of each frame.

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