Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Swoon
(Covers are linked to my thoughts)

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I haven't read this, but if it's anything like the BBC version, then it has plenty of fall on your butt swooning.


I will swoon at any book where I can picture the leading man as:

Ya, you're welcome!


  1. Ha ha! I love that you included Richard Armitage in your post.

  2. We need you to read North and South. Read along?

  3. You make me laugh Kami! Edenbrooke is on my list this week, too. :) And I just started Champion last night. I want everything to work out so much for those two but it's lots of drama where I'm at.

  4. You know, one of these days I'm going to read Poison Study. Grrr!

  5. Champion! Oh the feels of that book! And yes Iron Queen definitely did it for me. I was sobbing so hard and gushing all over with Ash and Meghan's moments. *sigh* I'm feeling rather nostalgic right now. LOL.

    Awesome list! :D