Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kingdom Hearts

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From Goodreads:

1:  After a terrible storm shatters the peace of his tropical island home, a young boy named Sora is set adrift from his world and his friends, Riku and Kairi. Meanwhile, Disney Castle is in an uproar when it is discovered that King Mickey has gone missing, leaving it up to Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy to find him! When Sora, in search of his friends, and Donald and Goofy, in search of their king, cross paths, their fateful encounter will change the destiny of the universe forever!

2:  Sora, a young boy who lives a peaceful life on his tropical island home, is set adrift when a horrible storm wrecks the world he loves and separates him from his friends, Riku and Kairi. In another world, the Disney castle is in chaos when King Mickey goes missing, and it's up to Donald, the court magician, and Goofy, the captain of the army, to find their king. When both Sora and the King's allies happen upon each other and learn that the ills that have befallen their worlds are the doing of dark beings without heartsknown as the Heartless, the three recent acquaintances take up arms together in an epic quest to travel to unknown worlds, set those worlds right, and findtheir friends!!

My Thoughts:

-    Why do these read from left to right? They should read the other way!

-    These follow the video game pretty well. There are a couple of worlds missing though, and I wish they had included everything.

-    I love seeing Final Fantasy characters mixed with Disney characters! So brilliant!!

-    The story is a bit confusing. I wish they explained things better.

-    I like how some of the panels overlap. Some of pages are crazy organized chaos.

-    Reading these makes me want to play the game again.

-    Seeing Goofy as a turtle will never get old.

-    I wish these were in color. I wonder why they decided to do them in black and white?

-    These were fun to read, but I probably wouldn't buy them. I'd rather play the video game.


  1. I didn't realize there was Kingdom Hearts manga. That is why they read left to right. In Japan that is how Manga is written. Odd I know! Probably in black and white because it's cheaper. I love the Kingdom Hearts video games. I have only played the two on the Playstation. I wish I had a DS so I could play the newer games. Sucks that I don't have one.

    1. Manga reads right to left, so I was confused why this one reads the wrong way for manga. I love the PS ones!! I didn't know there were more on the DS. I have a DS!