Thursday, April 17, 2014

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


Instead of a synopsis, I decided to give you a trailer!

My Thoughts:

-    This book was full of surprises. It was not at all what I was expecting. I definitely didn't expect time travel.

-    The story kinda had the same feel as The Night Circus. It was weird yet cool.

-    It took a while to finally get to the good stuff. The story had an okay opening, a slow middle, and a great ending.

-    I loved the photographs throughout the book. They were hauntingly awesome. When I found out they were all authentic photographs, I was blown away, and it made the book even more awesome.

-    This is weird, but it took me about 20-25 pages before I realized the main character was a boy. I guess I've gotten into the habit of just assuming everything I read is from a girl's perspective. That is really sad.

-    I really liked the whole concept of the big old house and the loop. It was really clever, and so unexpected.

-    I thought this book was going to be a bit scary and creepy, but it wasn't. I'm kinda glad, but a little disappointed. 

-    I'm really excited to read about what happens to Jacob and his peculiar friends. I wonder if his family will believe what happened to him.

My Re-Read Thoughts:

-    I tried the audiobook, and it wasn't very good.

-    The narrator really botched the British accents. They were awful!! It was even a little painful to listen to.

-    The narrator also read SO slow!! It drove me nuts!

-    I still love the story, but you don't get the awesome photos from the audiobook. I would recommend reading the actual book. It is better. 


  1. This sounds interesting. I think I'll have to read it.

  2. I really liked this book.. and the second book is actually WAY better. Hollow City was excellent!! I just realized I wasn't following you!! WHAT!

    1. Oh good! I just got Hollow City from the library, and I'm excited!