Monday, April 21, 2014

Taste of Darkness

18006134Goodreads Synopsis:    She's fought death and won. But how can she fight her fears?

Avry knows hardship and trouble. She fought the plague and survived. She took on King Tohon and defeated him. But now her heart-mate, Kerrick, is missing, and Avry fears he's gone forever.

But there's a more immediate threat: The Skeleton King plots to claim the Fifteen Realms for his own. With armies in disarray and the dead not staying down, Avry's healing powers are needed now more than ever.

Torn between love and loyalty, Avry must choose her path carefully. For the future of her world depends on her decision.

My Thoughts:

-    This was a good ending to the trilogy. Everything wraps up nice, and I'm not wondering about loose ends. 

-    I don't think Kerrick's POV was necessary when he and Avry are together. Again, it was weird how it changed from 1st person to 3rd person. 

-    I really liked Kerrick in the first book, but he got really needy in this book, and it was kind of annoying. I don't like it when tall, dark, and brooding turns into needy, jealous, and possessive.

-    I like that the whole gang was finally reunited. I really missed Belen.

-    The Skeleton King was a creepy and disturbing guy, and I love that in a villain. His form of torture just sent shivers up my spine. If Tohon was really smart, he would have hired The Skeleton King.

-    Prince Ryne bugged me. I know he had a big old plan, and he was trying to outsmart Tohon, but he was a jerk about it! I hate it when the main character is being used as bait, and they don't even know it! 

-    I really like how clever Avry is, and I like that she makes smart decisions despite her emotions. She knows how to hold her own against a bunch of men. I loved her strong personality.

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