Monday, May 15, 2017


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My Thoughts:

-    Everyone raved about this movie, and I wasn't too interested in seeing it, even though Jeremy Renner was in it. Hubby wanted to see it, so we watched it.

-    I was bored, really bored. Not a lot happened throughout the movie, and I felt like the whole movie was just a prelude to a bigger story.

-    I had a few issues with the logic. Language is not just words and vocabulary. It incorporates culture. Louise would have needed to learn the alien's culture while learning the language. Also, the alien's words might not even have a close comparison to one of our words.

-    There was no point to this movie. There wasn't really a conclusion, a lesson learned, a message, or anything. There was no action or entertainment value. I felt like I wasted my time watching this.

-    I have other complaints, but they contain spoilers.

-    The only saving grace of this movie was seeing Jeremy Renner and his awesome hair.


  1. Dang! Sorry you didn't like it. I loved this one. I took away the message of "if you could see the future and it wasn't good, would you still choose the adventure from then till now?" I don't feel like I'm not wording it right. Oh well.

  2. Caleb watched this while I was in the hospital with Simon. he said it was a bad idea to watch when you have a kid going through cancer. He's not going to watch it again