Thursday, May 25, 2017

Page by Paige

9043672Goodreads Says:    Paige Turner has just moved to New York with her family, and she's having some trouble adjusting to the big city. In the pages of her sketchbook, she tries to make sense of her new life, including trying out her secret identity: artist. As she makes friends and starts to explore the city, she slowly brings her secret identity out into the open, a process that is equal parts terrifying and rewarding.

My Thoughts:

-    This book was more philosophical and art than story, but I liked it.

-    The artwork is amazing! There are a lot of pages that could be framed and hung in a gallery. I love how the art depicted emotions and situations.

-    This was a very fun and cute graphic novel. I want to read more by this author/illustrator. 


  1. I feel like most graphic novels are more about the art than the story. I'm probably wrong but that's how I feel.

  2. Love this book! I thought it was so cute and unique.