Monday, December 11, 2017

A Christmas Kiss II

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My Thoughts:

-    This movie was terrible! It was ridiculous, and I was SO bored!

-    This shouldn't even be associated with A Christmas Kiss. Yes, there is a kiss in the elevator, and Miss Hall is in a couple scenes, but it wasn't as good, AT ALL!

-    I didn't like Cooper from the beginning, and I felt the same way about him at the end. He was ridiculous. 

-    I liked Sebastian. He was a fun character.

-    I liked that Miss Hall found happiness, and I wish the story had been about her. I wish we could have seen her learn and grow from her experiences and find love. 

-    This movie did not keep my attention, I played on my phone for most of it. 

-    The movie didn't have a lot to do with Christmas. This couldn't have happened any time of year. 

-    Lame!


  1. Yeah, sequels, especially Christmas sequels, usually suck.

  2. Got it. I’ll just watch the first one.