Friday, December 8, 2017

Christmas in the City

My Thoughts:

-    Oy! This one was a little more rough to get through.

-    I've only watched two cheesy Christmas movies this year, and both have had the girl walk in on the guy playing the piano. 

-    I liked all the Christmas songs, especially the Toy Land song, but I'm pretty sure everyone but Angie was dubbed. The Noel song was a tad too cheesy for me.

-    I liked that the mysterious Santa was the real Santa, but I wish they hadn't said it out loud. I like the mystery.

-    I get that Christmas decorations get people in the mood for Christmas, but you CAN have the spirit of Christmas without them. 

-    I don't understand how changing the store's decorations were going to help sales go up. 

-    The shirtless men in the children's department to replace Santa was HORRIBLE!!! UGH!

-    I liked how the little girl was nice to the stooge and softened his heart. 

-    Through the whole movie, I kept thinking about how the main lady was one of Ted's girlfriends in How I Met Your Mother, and she smiles WAY too much.

-    Santa's voice sounded SO familiar, but I couldn't place him.