Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Belle

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My Thoughts:

-    You'd think a Christmas Beauty and the Beast retelling would be fun right? WRONG!! This is the most terrible movie of ALL terrible movies. It makes other terrible movies look better.
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-    The acting is awful! Oy! The piano music is SO annoying. It is loud and over the top. I couldn't hear some of the dialogue because it was too loud. 
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-    I was SO bored! The plot was. . .
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-    The "official trailer" is just a clip of the movie!? They couldn't come up with anything else?

-    Save yourself! Don't watch this!


  1. Oi! I’ll take your word for it.

  2. Why don't you stop watching the movie if you hate it that badly? You DNF books. Why don't you DNF movies?

    1. If I don't finish, I feel like I can't review it, so I try to power through so I can have an honest review.

  3. I love the hot chocolate scene on the train. And I love the little girl, I'm blanking on her name right now, but she's awesome. I love how she just needed to find her confidence to be able to lead! Also, I have no idea what the hobo is there for.

    Ha! I completely understand about the second movie! I tried watching it once and thought it pretty terrible as well. And I usually love those types of cheesy movies!