Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Halt's Peril

7291741Gooreads Synopsis:    The renegade outlaw group known as the Outsiders has journeyed from kingdom to kingdom, conning the innocent out of their few valuables. Will and Halt, his mentor, are ambushed by the cult's deadly assassins when Halt is pierced by a poisoned arrow. Now Will must travel day and night in search of the one person with the power to cure Halt: Malkallam the Sorcerer.

My Thoughts:

-    My first review for the book:

A suspenseful book that kept me reading for hours.

Plot:  True the book title, Halt is in peril, but Will won't let his mentor down. I loved the whole story in this book. I was constantly wondering and worrying, and I just couldn't stop reading.  The whole Halt thing was very gripping, and I loved how they chase and take down Tennyson. This book also portrays a lot of Ranger technique that hadn't been used before.  It was really cool.

Characters: I love the relationships between all the characters, especially Halt, Horace, and Will. The bantering between the 3 is hilarious. Flanagan does a wonderful job with the dialogue between characters. It really shows their personality and friendship.  

The book is filled with humor, worry, and a lot more emotions.  It was a great read, and I look forward to the final book!!

-    I pretty much feel the same. Love this series!

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  1. You’re getting close to being done, right? How many books are in the series again? I’m glad you’re loving them all a second time through.

  2. Oh wow! You changed your review format. I like it. Do you like it?

    1. That is my old review format. It is how I reviewed on Goodreads before I started blogging.

    2. Oh, I see. I get it. I misunderstood, lol.