Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Kings of Clonmel

7006095Goodreads Synopsis:    Mankind puts its faith in many things?gods, kings, money?anything for protection from the world?s many dangers. When a cult springs up in neighboring Clonmel, promising to quell the recent attacks by lawless marauders, people flock from all over to offer gold in exchange for protection. But this particular group, with which Halt is all too familiar, has a less than charitable agenda. Secrets will be unveiled and battles fought to the death as Will and Horace help Halt in ridding the land of a dangerous enemy.
The worldwide phenomenon is back with a gripping new adventure. Yet for these Rangers, the peril is only beginning . . .

My Thoughts:
-    I really like that this series is split into different adventures, and each adventure is only 2 or 3 books long. I like how each adventure challenges the characters in new and different ways. 
-    I enjoyed learning more about Halt and his past. I hope he gets his own series sometime. I'd love to read about Halt's earlier years. 
-    I loved the tournament with Horace. It is always thrilling to read about Horace in combat. I love how the author describes the fight, and how Horace's instincts are second nature.
-    It was good to read about Halt, Horace, and Will going on an adventure together. I love their chemistry and banter. I love the Horace is starting to get the better of Halt.
-    I love how Will and Halt talk to their horses and then interpret what they think their horses reply. The horses are such great characters throughout the series. I love them.
-    I can't praise these books enough! 

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  1. I love that you love these. I need to read them.

  2. That's cool that each adventure is only 2 or 3 books long. I was expecting one big epic adventure. I was kind of scared to pick these books up because there are so many of them.