Friday, February 9, 2018

Fan Art Friday: Nightmare Moon

Today is Gnome's birthday, so I decided to showcase her favorite show and her favorite pony.

I was really happy with the variety I found. There are so many art styles and mediums. There were also some disturbing and weird things out there, some bronies need serious help.

All the artwork is linked. If you'd like to express appreciation to the artist, please do so!


  1. Happy Birthday, Gnome! I love the colors in all of these.

  2. Happy birthday, Gnome! I love that you chose Nightmare Moon for her birthday. I loved all of these! They. Are. Awesome! My favorite is the first one, though.

  3. Good choice Gnome & happy belated birthday! Though I am a Twilight Sparkle fan personally. Have you seen the movie? I still need to watch it and soon!