Friday, May 4, 2018

Judy: A Legendary Film Career

Judy: A Legendary Film CareerFrom Goodreads:    Through her incomparable work on screen, stage, record, radio, and television, Judy Garland earned renown as “The World’s Greatest Entertainer.” It was as a motion picture star though, that she first rose to international fame. From her feature film debut in 1936 through the aptly titled I Could Go on Singing in 1963, she lit up the screen with a magic uniquely hers—and dazzled world-wide audiences of all ages.
Judy Garland starred in two dozen of the all-time classic movie musicals, among them A Star is BornMeet Me in St. LouisBabes in Arms, Easter ParadeFor Me and My Gal, and The Harvey Girls. Her dramatic turns in Judgment at NurembergThe Clock, and A Child is Waiting won added acclaim. And perhaps most unforgettably, she starred as Dorothy Gale in the best-loved motion picture of all time: The Wizard of Oz.
Judy: A Legendary Film Career tells the story of Garland’s movie work in unprecedented detail. Hundreds of never-before-published photos, newly-assembled contemporary reviews, insight from her costars and coworkers, and production histories are provided for each film in which she appeared. Highlighting and complimenting the feature films is a definitive biography; an examination of Judy’s short subjects; details of the movies she did not complete; and an enthralling compendium of film projects for which she was considered or rumored. The text is illustrated by more than five hundred photos, encompassing poster art; costume tests; behind-the-scenes candids; onstage and backstage glimpses of her theatrical successes; and personal snapshots.
Judy is the exhaustively researched work of historian John Fricke. He celebrates as never before the heart, humor, and incandescent motion picture achievement of the one-and-only Judy Garland.

My Thoughts:

-    I'm a big Judy Garland fan, and I really enjoyed this book.

-    I love that this book was a biography on Judy's life and her career. It covered both equally.

-    I feel bad for all the struggles Judy had in her life. I really believe that MGM should have been held accountable to what they did to her as a girl. I wish Judy could have gotten the help and rest that she needed. I'm glad that she had a lot of good things in her life as well. 

-    I liked the way this book was formatted. I loved going through every single movie and getting all the quotes and everything.

-    Judy was SO talented. Singing, dancing, and acting came so natural to her, and I think she was one of the greatest entertainers in all of history. When she is on the screen, I can't help watching. 

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  1. I’d like to know more about her life. I might have to read this one.