Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kanan: First Blood

First Blood (Star Wars: Kanan, #2)From Goodreads:    Continue to explore the early days of Kanan Jarrus, the sensational star of STAR WARS REBELS! You've seen Kanan's last adventure as a Padawan, now witness his first! The boy who was Caleb Dune must find his feet as the Clone Wars rage all around him. When the Jedi Temple comes under attack, what can a mere Padawan do to make a difference? Caleb and his new master, Bilaba, will take command of their own clone troop, and lead them into the furious Battle of Mygeeto. But lying in wait for them there are a pair of Separatist Generals, one of whom is one of the most deadly threats in the entire galaxy! Can Caleb and Bilaba survive Grievous? 

Collecting KANAN #7-12.

My Thoughts:

-    This volume had the answers I wanted from the first volume. I liked getting to know Kana's master better. I liked the story of how she picked him for her padawan.

-    It was fun to see other characters like Grievous and the Ghost crew.

-    I love that there is a reference the book, A New Dawn. I need to read that now.

-    It was really fun to read about Kanan's back story.

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  1. I’m glad it had answers for you. It seems like these sometimes drag on without answers.