Monday, July 16, 2018

Milla Takes Charge

Milla Takes Charge (Daring Dreamers Club #1)From Goodreads:    When you follow your dreams, 
the possibilities are endless!

Milla loves nothing more than imagining grand adventures in the great wide somewhere, just like Belle. She dreams of traveling the world and writing about her incredible discoveries. Unfortunately, there is nothing pretend about the fifth-grade overnight and Milla's fear that her moms won't let her go.

Enter Piper, Mariana, Zahra, and Ruby. Together with Milla, they form the Daring Dreamers Club and become best friends. But can they help Milla believe she's ready for this real grand adventure?

Diverse, talented, and smart--these five girls found each other because they all had one thing in common: big dreams. Touching on everyday dramas and the ups and downs of friendship, this series will enchant all readers who are princesses at heart.

I received a ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

My Thoughts:

-    I liked the idea of this series, but the book tried WAY too hard to accomplish its goals. It got old, and Gnome and I got bored for a while.

-    The girls are very similar to My Little Ponies. Just look at the cover, and you can probably guess which girl is which pony. 

-    The book is pretty slow until they arrive at camp, which isn't until the very end.

-    I liked that the girl's related to Disney princesses, and grew and learned more about themselves because of that. 

Gnome's Thoughts:

-    It's like ponies.

-    I liked Ruby. She had a fun personality. 


  1. Sounds like a great idea with poor execution. Too bad.

    1. Yes, I wish I had those words when I was writing this review. That is exactly how I felt.

  2. This looks so cute! Disney and MLP are two of my favorite things!