Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!

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It is here! Tonight is the night! Wahoo!
I hope everyone has a funtastic Halloween!

I wanted to share some of our Halloween traditions.

Hubby takes Gnome out trick or treating, and this will be the 2 yo's first year going with them! I stay home and hand out candy. I enjoy seeing the costumes and all the neighbor kids/parents.

After they collect a bucket full of candy, we eat pizza and watch a movie. We like to the jack-o-lantern pizza from Papa Murphy's. We usually get one of these and another with more toppings.
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We have friends, and my brother over for a movie. We try to pick Halloween type movies. Last year we watched Hocus Pocus. This year we are thinking Willow or Neverending Story. We are trying to find something Gnome hasn't seen and will watch. Halloween and all the spooky stuff is her biggest fear, so she refused to watch Hocus Pocus with us last year. *sigh* It is getting incrementally better. She is going trick-or-treating, which is pretty big.

Anyway, we try to have a fun, but also relaxing, Halloween evening.
What are your traditions?

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