Monday, September 19, 2016

The Jungle Book

My Thoughts:

-    I loved this more than I thought I would! Great film! We rented it from RedBox, and I watched it twice before returning it the next day.

-    This movie is the perfect blend of paying tribute to the original Disney classic while creating something completely new and exciting.

-    I LOVED that they used some of the original music. The opening scene was awesome, and it just gave me chills.

-    I didn't think there would be any singing in this film, but I loved it when King Louie and Baloo busted out into song.
Image result for The Jungle Book gif

-    The CG is AMAZING! I can't believe how awesome this movie looks.

-    The cast was spot on perfect! I loved every single character. Each actor was perfect for their role.

-    Neel Sethi's performance was awesome! He is so talented for a little boy. He practically acted the whole movie in front of a giant green screen with green screen props. That is hard for a lot of seasoned actors. I'm really impressed. 

-    My only complaint is that Bagheera made a lot of noise. A panther would never make that much noise walking around the jungle. 

-    I wish the vultures had made an appearance in the film, but I'm not sure how they would have fit in. The movie is still good without them, but it would have been fun to see them. 

-    Great movie! I'll probably buy this.


  1. I've been wanting to see this! I'll have to Redbox it.

  2. I liked this one too. Maybe not enough to buy it though.

  3. No vultures!!! Sad. They're my favorite part of the Disney movie.

  4. I need to rent this sometime. I loved the original as a kid.