Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lois Lowry

I had a the pleasure of seeing Lois Lowry last night with my friends!
Jenni Elyse, Penelope, Me, Emily, I forgot her name (SORRY!), Suey, Jenny, and Jessica!
I also snapped a picture of Enna, but it came out fuzzy!!!  I was going to use it as blackmail, but alas...she befuddled my camera to fuzziness to keep her secret identity.

Here is Lois Lowry telling us about her books.  I was so happy she told us how they are all connected!

 Here she is signing books!  I had the pleasure of standing in line behind "Tiger" ;)

It was a fun night!  I look forward to more Author events at the library!  
Although, it was Courtney's last event, and I'm sure future Authorlinks won't be as awesome.  SO SAD!


  1. The person you can't remember is Jennifer. Also, it won't be Courtney's last event. She's doing Teen Book Fest, and the Becca Fitzpatrick one. :) So, you'll at least get to see her at the Teen Book Fest. :D

  2. Jennifer's blog is

    And, I love that you were behind Tiger. Ha! That's awesome!

  3. That's so funny that you were right behind "Tiger." He was such a funny kid. :)

    It was fun getting to go to her event! I still can't believe I met her; she's such a legend.

    P.S. Would you mind if I used your group photo in my post about the event? Mine didn't come out well at all. I blame my phone's crappy camera.