Monday, October 1, 2012

The End of Bloggiesta

Bloggiesta is officially over!  I didn't accomplish all my goals, but I did get some things done.  It was a productive weekend.


I wrote up some posts and scheduled them for the upcoming week.  I didn't write as many posts as I'd like, but I still got ahead.

Sadly, I didn't get around to adding something cool on my blog.  Maybe sometime in the future I will.

I did another mini-challenge! Woohoo!

Thanks for letting me participate in all the fun!! 


  1. It is so sad that you didn't add something "cool" to your blog. I was really looking forward to that. But, I do have to say that you're cool, so you do add something cool everyday just by your presence. *tear* Okay, that was corny, I know, lol.

    1. Oh Thank You!! That made my day! I think you are so awesome! I love that you're fun and spunky!

  2. I love your new layout! So fun. And I didn't get all of my goals accomplished, either. But it's fun to play along anyway. :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed the experience!

  4. I'm glad you had fun. This time round was much more productive for me.