Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Violet Eyes

Violet Eyes: A Retelling of the "Princess and the Pea" (Once Upon a Time)From Goodreads:    "ONCE UPON A TIME" IS TIMELESS

When a storm brings the dashing Prince Richard to her family's farm, Violet falls in love at first sight. Richard also gives Violet his heart, but he knows his marriage is destined to be an affair of state, not of passion. For the king and queen have devised a contest to determine who will win their son's hand in marriage.

To be reunited with her prince, Violet must compete against princesses from across the land. It will take all of her wits - and a little help from an unexpected source - if Violet is to demonstrate the depth of her character and become Richard's bride.

My Thoughts:

-    This is probably my favorite in the Once Upon a Time series!  The story is well thought out, and it doesn't feel rushed.  

-    I loved the characters!  Violet is a wonderful female lead.  I admired many of her qualities, and I loved seeing her make friends with the other princesses.  I admired each of Violets friends for different reasons.  They were all very kind and valuable.  Richard is a swoon worthy prince!

-    I like that Violet and Richard formed their relationship on a nurse/patient bases.  It was nice to see that develop instead of love at first sight.

-    I loved every moment of the competition!  Each test was more bizarre and ridiculous than the first.  

-    This was a fun read!

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