Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chasing Brooklyn

Chasing BrooklynGoodreads Synopsis:    Restless souls and empty hearts

Brooklyn can't sleep. Her boyfriend, Lucca, died only a year ago, and now her friend Gabe has just died of an overdose. Every time she closes her eyes, Gabe's ghost is there waiting for her. She has no idea what he wants or why it isn't Lucca visiting her dreams.

Nico can't stop. He's always running, trying to escape the pain of losing his brother, Lucca. But when Lucca's ghost begins leaving messages, telling Nico to help Brooklyn, emotions come crashing to the surface.

As the nightmares escalate and the messages become relentless, Nico reaches out to Brooklyn. But neither of them can admit that they're being haunted. Until they learn to let each other in, not one soul will be able to rest.

My Thoughts:

-    This is beautiful story of how to deal with loss and to pick up the pieces. I loved the message of this book!

-    I love how the relationship between Nico and Brooklyn develops. I think everyone needs someone like Nico. Someone who makes you feel good to be you and happy to be alive.

-    There is some profanity, but it tapers off towards the end.

-    I love that this book is written in verse. It really added a poetic and perfect mood. 

-    I can't really relate to what Brooklyn is going through, but I have felt and do feel some of the emotions she is going through. 

-    The story goes back and forth between Nico and Brooklyn's perspectives. It's like journal entries, but not. It's really well done!

-    There are some haunting bits in the story that gave me little chills. 

-    I love how Nico and Brooklyn start healing together and help each other. I especially love the Nico gets Brooklyn to start running and exercising to help heal her. Working out is so good for the body and soul!

-    The ending is so great! It put a little smile on my face!

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