Wednesday, May 1, 2013


SpellbindingFrom Goodreads:    There's more than one way to be powerful . . .

It is during a routine school project that Abby Silva--sixteen and nearly friendless--makes a startling discovery: She is descended from women who were accused of witchcraft back in 1600s Salem. And when Abby visits nearby Salem, strange, inexplicable events start to unfold. Objects move when she wills them to. Candles burst into sudden flame. And an ancient spellbook somehow winds up in her possession.

Trying to harness her newfound power, Abby concocts a love potion to win over her longtime crush--and exact revenge upon his cruel, bullying girlfriend. But old magic is not to be trifled with. Soon, Abby is thrust headlong into a world of hexes, secrets, and danger. And then there's Rem Anders, the beautiful, mysterious Salem boy who seems to know more about Abby than he first lets on.

A reckoning is coming, and Abby will have to make sense of her history--and her heart--before she can face the powerful truth.

My Thoughts:

-    This was an ok book. It was quick fun read. It was a bit fluffy, and it is probably one I wouldn't read again.

-    Abby was a fun character, and I think she was a typical teenager trying to get through high school. 

-    Megan and her possy were mean! Seriously mean! I can't believe that girls could be that mean, but I know they are. What they did to Abby at prom was horrible!!

-    This made me want to visit Salem.

-    I really liked the whole Salem Witch Trial ancestry thing, and I like how Abby made ties to her ancestors. 

-    I wish the story had gone more into the witch stuff. I thought the elemental thing was interesting, and I wanted more detail there.

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  1. It sounds interesting. Based on your review, though, I probably won't go get it any time soon since there are others I want to read a lot!