Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Magician: Master

Magician: Master (The Riftwar Saga, #2)Goodreads Description:    He held the fate of two worlds in his hands... 

Once he was an orphan called Pug, apprenticed to a sorcerer of the enchanted land of Midkemia.. Then he was captured and enslaved by the Tsurani, a strange, warlike race of invaders from another world.

There, in the exotic Empire of Kelewan, he earned a new name--Milamber. He learned to tame the unnimagined powers that lay withing him. And he took his place in an ancient struggle against an evil Enemy older than time itself.

My Thoughts:

-    I enjoyed this book more than the first. It had a lot more action and adventure.

-    The story starts up a few years after Apprentice ends.

-    Throughout the story a lot of the Tsurani people earned my respect. I didn't think of them as the evil enemy anymore.

-    Pug's vision on the tour is long. It isn't super interesting, and I'm not sure I understood it all. 

-    The voyage through the Straits of Darkness was thrilling! I loved learning more about Amos Trask.

-    The ending was perfect! Everything ended well, right down to the last words exchanged between Arutha and Trask. Things were resolved and everything seemed put right. 

-    What affection I gained for the characters in the first book only increased in this one! I loved learning more about each of them, and I loved seeing everyone mature and grow.

-    This book was wonderful! Absolutely epic and awesome!

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