Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Character Challenge

Mini Challenge

Here is how you play:

I will give you clues to the identity of a character from a book written by a Utah author.  
You must guess the character and what book they are from.

If you play, you will get an extra entry in my giveaway on August 23!

Thanks for participating! Take Luck!

Mystery Character #1
-    I lost my memory.
-    I wake up trapped in a rising elevator
-    I became a runner after a horrifying experience.
-    You'll be able to see my story on the big screen in 2014.
-    My friends and I are named after famous historical figures.

Mystery Character #2
-    I hate math but love running!
-    I loathe my father, but can't stand to disappoint him.
-    My book is a debut novel that came out this year.
-    My friends and family have super powers.
-    I am the only one of my kind.

Mystery Character #3
-    I only have 6 months before I'll be sucked away from everyone I love.
-    My boyfriend is my anchor to this world.
-    I am irresistibly drawn to an immortal who takes my pain away.
-    I am destined to become a human battery.
-    My emotions have been fed upon.


  1. I know the books, but I always forget the characters' names! So frustrating!

  2. I'm one for three. Miserable. (Well, at least I got one...?)

  3. This is so fun! Great clues. I knew all the books, but I'm second guessing a couple characters' names, too.

  4. Fun! I had to play just for the fun of it. I haven't even read the second book but I think I'm right.

    1. Thanks for playing, and yes, you are right!

  5. I had to guess on number 2. This challenge was so fun!!

  6. Fun! I am iffy on the second one, but I'm pretty sure I got one and three. Thanks for the mini-challenge, Kami.