Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The African Queen

The African QueenGoodreads Synopsis:    A classic story of adventure and romance - the novel that inspired the legendary movie starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart

A fast-moving tale and a very good yarn...Mr Forester again and again proves himself a master of suspense - New York Times Book Review

As World War I reaches the heart of the African jungle, Charlie Allnutt and Rose Sayer, a dishevelled trader and an English spinster missionary, find themselves thrown together by circumstance. Fighting time, heat, malaria, and bullets, they make their escape on the rickety steamboatThe African Queen...and hatch their own outrageous military plan. Originally published in 1935, The African Queen is a tale replete with vintage Forester drama - unrelenting suspense, reckless heroism, impromptu military manoeuvres, near-death experiences - and a good old-fashioned love story to boot.

My Thoughts:

-    This was an enthralling and adventurous story! I loved the story about two people and their journey down the Ulanga river!

-    There were some thrilling moments and calm moments. I liked the part where they navigated the rapids. It was exciting, and the thrill from adrenaline that Rose and Charlie had after the rapids made me excited.

-    I liked that Rose and Charlie found joy in working and working together. They worked well together, and it was nice to see that in a man and woman.

-    The romance was an epic one! Their companionship from working together was wonderful, but their joy from being in each other's presence was very tender and heart warming. They had common goals and created a close friendship and bond. Their relationship is how all marriages should be. They helped each other and complimented each other in every way. I love the way they admired each other for their strengths and weaknesses! They put their whole heart, soul, and body into what they were doing together!

-    I watched the movie last month, and that is what inspired me to read the book. The movie was amazing, and the book was amazing! I feel like because I watched the movie, it made the book more exciting, but I also feel that the book makes the movie more exciting in return. It is a weird phenomenon that has never happened to me before. The book and movie compliment each other and make each other better!

-    Rose's plan was a daring one, and the anticipation about if her plan would work or not really carried the book along. Especially towards the end, the anticipation and tension was killer! I loved every minute of it!

-    I liked the ending in the movie better than the ending in the book! The book ending was really anti climactic and horrible! I still enjoyed the book a lot, but I wish it ended better! 

-    I wish there were more Charlie and Rose books. Their chemistry was so great, and I would love to read about more adventures they had together!

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