Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lego Indiana Jones

My Overall Thoughts:

-    Buy it! Love it! Conquer it!

-    When we first got this game, I wasn’t really into it. I thought it was frustrating. I picked it up again, and it became my new crack! I was so addicted. I couldn’t stop playing!

My Thoughts on Game Play:

-    This game is awesome for Indiana Jones fans and Lego fans. If you are both, it is doubly awesome! The game goes through the classic and memorable Indiana Jones movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. Classic scenes from the movies are redone as cut scenes, but since Lego men don’t talk, a lot of hilarious sounds and gestures are used to portray the story. It was really fun to play through these movies as Lego men. Indiana Jones was my favorite, but I wish he had a gun. It was awesome to wreck things and break down/build up Lego creations.

-    Each movie is split into six different stages. You may play each stage in two different modes, Story and Free Play. Story mode goes through the movie with the cut scenes and specific characters. Free Play allows you go through the stage with several different characters. You will need each character to find treasures and mail boxes. Different characters have different abilities and tools. One guy carries a shovel, another guy has a wrench, some guys are small and fit through smaller doors, the girls can jump higher, some guys have bombs, etc.
-    Treasures and Mail Boxes are hidden throughout each stage. There are ten treasures and one box that need to be mailed. Treasures build artifacts that allow you to unlock bonus stages, and mail boxes unlock extra abilities and other benefits.
-    After finishing each stage, you are allowed to go back to Barnett College. It is kind of like the home base for the game. You can go around the college and check out things you’ve collected and do other extra stuff. When you beat 100% of the game, it rains hearts and money in the college! It is fantastic!

-    There were a few glitchy things in the game, and it was frustrating. I got stuck floating in the air once, and there were a few jumping parts that sucked! I feel like this game wasn’t tested as well as it should have been. The AI was retarded, and hindered more than helped most of the time.
My Thoughts on Control:

-    The controls are easy to learn, and I didn’t have any complaints, except the glitches. It was easy to jump around and do stuff and switch between characters.

My Thoughts on Graphics:

-    I love that everything was made from Legos! It was fun to see scenes and props from the movies made out of Legos. Like I said before, the Lego men were hilarious!

My Thoughts on Sound:

-    The music for the game is taken from the soundtrack of each movie! AWESOME! John Williams is so much fun, and it really helps get you in the mood to play some Indiana Jones!

-    Sound effects are fabulous, and the Lego men noises are funny!

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