Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If I Forget, You Remember

Goodreads Description:    Twelve-year-old Elyse's plan to write an award-winning novel during the summer is interrupted when her grandmother, who has Alzheimer's disease, moves in with the family.

My Thoughts:

-    This story wasn't as inspiring and emotional as other books by this author, so I was a little disappointed.

-    It would be hard to have someone in your family have Alzheimer's. I don't know how I would react or treat that person. To be honest, I would probably keep my distance because I was afraid or felt awkward.

-    I loved that this took place in Orem!! I live in Orem, so it was fun when the book mentioned places in my town. The Orem Library and it's beautiful windows made an appearance in the story.

-    Elyse was a fun character, but she was a little snot at times. She was only 12, and she definitely acted like it, so I guess I'm happy about that. I don't like books where the kid seems way older than they are.

-    The relationship between Elyse and her grandmother was a touching one. I never really had grandparents, so I really appreciated what Elyse had and was losing. 

-    I wish there had been more emotion. I love books that make me feel, and this didn't make me feel much. 

-    Besides a 12 year old girl dealing with a grandmother with AD, there wasn't a lot that went on. Elyse helped some friends with a neighborhood newspaper, and there was a couple bullies, but not a whole lot happened in the book. There wasn't much of a plot. It was just life!


  1. Is this a brand new one from her? Oh, you've labeled it 1998, so maybe it's one of her first ones?