Thursday, August 15, 2013

Monsters University

My Thoughts:

-    Monsters Inc. is one of my favorite Pixar films, so I was really excited when Monsters University was announced. It didn't disappoint!

-    Overall, this movie was funny, charming, and super cute! Throughout the movie I laughed, smiled, and went awwwww!

-    Little Mike was hilarious and so cute!! I want one!

-    I think Billy Crystal and John Goodman should do more movies together. Their chemistry is so great! 

-    I liked seeing the rivalry of college, especially the rivalry of Mike and Sully. It is weird to think that they weren't always the best of friends. It was fun to see their friendship grow. In some ways it was a chick flick, but for friendship and not love.

-    Mike has a lot of courage, ambition, and guts! I love his character! 

-    The new monsters were fun and added a lot of humor, but it was also fun to see cameos of some of the old monsters!

-    This is such a great "prequel" to Monsters Inc. At the end, it shows how Mike and Sully climb their way to the top. 

-    The movie was very clean! I really liked that there weren't innuendos, college drinking, or anything like that. It was good wholesome entertainment! I took my 3 year old, and she loved it!

1 comment:

  1. I loved this movie too! The ending of working their way to the top was so cool. My two kids loved it, too. They don't make fun clean movies like this enough!