Monday, October 12, 2015

The Notebook

My Thoughts:

-    Why do I let people talk me into things I know I won't like? WHY?

-    I didn't like Noah or Allie. They were dumb as teenagers and as adults.

-    Noah totally manipulated Allie into going out with him! Great way to start a relationship! NOT!

-    I was bored for a lot of the film. A lot of it was just talking and talking and talking.

-    I liked Noah's dad. He was the best character in the movie.

-    Allie is such a SPAZ!

-    Noah turns into a crazy obsessive bum. What woman would want that? I didn't like how he used that poor widow lady.

-    I was SO bored!

-    Allie should have picked the other dude. He was stable and really nice. Plus he adored her. 

-    James Garner looks NOTHING like Ryan Gosling.

-    What was the point of this movie!?


  1. Ha ha ha! I know you'd hate this one. I knew it. Glad I wasn't disappointed or surprised. ;)

  2. We have to remember you are definitely a plot person!

  3. Lol! When I heard you would be watching this I just knew this would be your reaction. I hate this movie! So freaking stupid! High five!