Friday, April 1, 2022

March Recap

Books Read:  8

Pages Read:  2,841

1 Star:  0
2 Stars:  0
3 Stars:  2
4 Stars:  3
5 Stars:  3

Favorite Book of the Month:
The Lunar Chronicles

My no library month went by faster than I thought, and I learned something about myself. The impending due date for library books is a huge motivator for me to read. Without due dates, my reading was a lot more casual, and I spent more time doing other hobbies. 

Goal Progress:

Goodreads Challenge - I am 10 books ahead of schedule. (40/125)

Newbery Award Winners - I was able to finish one on March 1st, but it was my only one. (2/20)

Re-Read Books - Because of my no library month, I was able to re-read 5 books. Woo! I loved revisiting The Lunar Chronicles. I haven't read them in a while, and they are just as good as the first time around. (11/20)

Book Club Books - Nine Perfect Strangers was the book for March, and we had a good discussion at book club. (3/10)

I hope you had a successful reading month in March.
Happy reading!


  1. You're doing so well with your goals!! Happy Reading!

    1. I know! I'm really excited. I hope I can keep up this momentum.

  2. That's funny that you spent less time reading this month with no library due dates urging you on, but I totally get it, too. :D Are you back to library books as usual this month?

    1. Right!? I didn't know how much due dates effected me. Yes, I picked up a big stack of books from the library this week. Ha ha!

  3. Ooh you read Nine Perfect strangers. I'm a huge Liane Moriarty fan but I haven't read that one yet...

    1. I love Liane Moriarty too. This one wasn't as good as her other books, but it was still good.

  4. Yay! Glad you had a great month. Even without going to the library I keep reading. Although, I really missed grabbing books from the library, LOL, even though I had PLENTY to read!