Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fruits Basket: Volume 11

Fruits Basket, Vol. 11 (Fruits Basket, #11)From the Back of the Book:    The world's most popular shojo manga continues! While at the Sohma vacation home, Tohru is caught in a whirlwind of familial strife. Can she relax and put the "fun" in dysfunctional? None of the Sohmas are going to make it easy, including an angry horse that attacks Tohru. Could this be a new member of the Zodiac? Meanwhile, in a fierce argument with Akito, Kyo reveals his true feelings for Tohru. Will Akito tell Tohru about Kyo's secret crush? And speaking of secrets, Akito makes a major announcement - one that will reveal his true identity and change the Sohma family forever!

My Thoughts:

-    Finally!! I got some answers to some of my questions! 

-    Akito is a jerk! What the heck!?

-    I hope Tohru can break the Sohma family curse! She better do it!

-    Oh you Japanese people! Just because there are no nipples drawn doesn't mean it won't be uncomfortable to see a naked woman!

-    What is up with Rin? She has issues!

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