Friday, March 8, 2013

Pitch Dark Days Tour

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Pitch Dark Days event at the Provo Library

My favorite part was meeting up with all my blogger buddies! I'm going to be lazy and not list everyone. Sorry!

Here are the authors that came! I don't know what Brodi and Debra are doing. Looks like they are playing rock, paper, scissors.

Brodi Ashton signing a book! I also met her mom and got her to sign my book.

Brodi said we could pet her, and I just couldn't pass that up! 

Kiersten White signing some books! 

Lauren Oliver signing my books!

I only met 3 of the 6 authors. I'll have to read the other's books and catch them some other time.

After we fought the crowds to get our books signed, Suey, Suey's daughter, Jenny, Jenni Elyse, and I went to JCWs to enjoy good food and fun chatter. I had a ton of fun!

I can't til the next author event!!!


  1. I love that you say you're going to be lazy and not list everyone, lol. You're so funny! My favorite part was meeting up with everyone too. :D I love talking with everyone!

  2. How'd I miss this post! Great recap. Love your pictures. :) And yes, 'till next time! When is the next time?