Monday, July 1, 2013

The African Queen

My Thoughts:

-    This was a really good movie. I was surprised! It was thrilling and very entertaining.

-    I finally get the Humphrey Bogart appeal! Even though he was really dirty and grimy for most of the movie, he was kind of attractive. I think it is because his character was a real man! He did what he had to do, and he didn't complain. This is my new favorite Bogart role!

-    I don't believe for a second that Charlie was English. Bogart is 100% American. His accent was so non-English!

-    Katherine Hepburn was perfect as always! She has such strength, and only Katherine could have pulled off a role like this!

-    I was surprised at how much I laughed during the movie. The banter between Charlie and Rosie was really fun, and the hippo part cracked me up!

-    I wonder if this is based on a true story. I hope it is. The plot was simple, but it was very thrilling to watch these 2 characters battle the river and nature. 

-    The ending was perfect! 

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