Friday, July 5, 2013

Fury of the Phoenix

Fury of the Phoenix (Kingdom of Xia, #2)Goodreads Synopsis:    The Gods have abandoned Ai Ling.

Her mysterious power haunts her day and night, and she leaves home—with just the moon as her guide—overwhelmed by her memories and visions and an unbearable sense of dread. For Ai Ling knows that Chen Yong is vulnerable to corrupt enchantments from the under-world. How can she do nothing when she has the skill and power to fight at his side? A dream has told her where he is, the name of the ship he is traveling on, his destination. So she steals off and stows away on board.

The ocean voyage brings with it brutal danger, haunting revelations, and new friendships, but also the premonition of a very real and terrifying threat. Zhong Ye—the powerful sorcerer whom Ai Ling believed she had vanquished in the Palace of Fragrant Dreams—is trapped in Hell, neither alive nor dead. Can he reach from beyond the grave to reunite with Silver Phoenix and destroy Chen Yong? And destroy whatever chance Ai Ling has at happiness, at love?

In this sequel to the acclaimed novel Silver Phoenix, four lives are woven together and four destinies become one, now and forever.

My Thoughts:

-    I really enjoyed this story. I think it was even better than its predecessor. I liked the story better, and it was more entertaining for me. 

-    I liked how the book was fragmented and switched between Zhong Ye and Ai Ling. Both of their stories were very interesting. Zhong Ye's story was very enlightening, and it helped me to understand the 1st book better.

-    I don't really want to like Zhong Ye. He was an evil and horrible person in Silver Phoenix, but I felt a lot of sympathy for him in this book. I enjoyed reading his story, and I liked getting to know him better, but I still want to hate him.

-    I got a little tired of Chen Yong and Ai Ling avoiding each other and their feelings. I just wanted to smack them both sometimes!!

-    I like how these books are heavy in Chinese culture, but I was also happy that they traveled to a new country in this one. It was cool to see the contrast between cultures.

-    I wasn't going to buy this series after reading the first one, but now I'm reconsidering purchasing these. 

-    I don't know if there is going to be a 3rd book. It could end with 2, and I'd be happy.The ending to this story is all wrapped up, and I really like how it ended. It feels good to have some reader satisfaction after 2 books!

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