Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Silver Surfer: Volume 1

Marvel Masterworks: Silver SurferGoodreads Description:    The Silver Surfer, the Sentinel of the Spaceways, has betrayed Galactus to save the Earth, but now he is trapped there In his breakout series, the Silver Surfer is a misunderstood alien doing his best to protect humankind from whatever threats abound See: the first appearances of the Badoon and Mephisto Witness: the manipulations of Loki Experience: the threats of Quasimodo, the Overlord, and the Stranger All this, and the origins of the Silver Surfer Guest-starring Thor and the Fantastic Four

My Thoughts:  

-    That was my favorite intro by Stan Lee so far! It was really funny and very Stan.

-    The Silver Surfer comics really show the weaknesses of mankind. It is kind of sad.

-    I don' t know if I'd help save Earth after being treated so poorly. Why does the Silver Surfer care for the people of Earth so much?

-    The Silver Surfer is one tormented soul. I feel really bad for the guy.

-    It was really fun and interesting to learn how the Silver Surfer became what he is and how he became the servant of Galactus.

-    I liked all the appearances from other comics as well, especially Thor and Loki. 

-    I loved the artwork! It was very beautiful and well done! The Silver Surfer traveled to so many different places. I was impressed that the artist kept coming up with different scenery. 

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