Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bungalow Mystery

The Bungalow Mystery (Nancy Drew, #3)From Goodreads:    While trying to help a friend out of a difficulty, teenage detective Nancy Drew has a perilous experience in and around a deserted bungalow.

My Thoughts:

-    These books are just plain old fashioned fun!

-    I love that each book is a different kind of mystery. The last book was a ghost mystery, and this one was more dangerous. 

-    I think Nancy is getting more inquisitive and bold with each case she solves. She almost has no boundaries on what she will do for clues. I enjoy seeing our young sleuth grow as a detective.

-    Like I said, this book was filled with more dangers. It had more action in it! The book starts out with Nancy almost drowning, and it isn't the last time Nancy's life is threatened.

-    I like the illustrations in these books. They are fun and old school sketches. 

-    I like how Nancy involves people in her investigations. She always lets people know where she is and what she is planning. I like how everyone helps her and cares for her. Nancy has a really nice support group going for her.

-    Nancy makes friends everywhere she goes. She is intelligent and kind. I really admire her character. 

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