Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The X-Men: Volume 4

Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men - Volume 4Goodreads Description:    Collecting the original tales of Marvel's merry mutants, we have milestone after milestone prepared just for you, and it all starts off-of course-with the Juggernaut! That's not the only earth-shaking tale in store, though. There's the X-Men vs. Spider-Man; an underworld battle against the Mole Man and Tyrannus; and the culmination of the Factor Three epic featuring the Changeling and the unbelievable Mutant Master. Also featured are the "Origins of the X-Men" backup features that reveal the beginnings of Professor X and his teen mutant team supreme! And we're not afraid to go out with a bang. That's right, on top of the X-Men's cool new costumes, in our heartwrenching conclusion the brutal beast Grotesk kills Professor X before the eyes of Cyclops and the X-Men!

My Thoughts:

-    I love seeing how The X-Men comics evolved. They just keep getting better and better.

-    I really liked the Dr. Strange cameo! He is so awesome!

-    Spiderman gets an X-Men ish!?!? That was different, but fun. The X-Men still make an appearance, but the majority of the comic is about Spiderman. What is with the little web wings on Spiderman? That was weird.

-    The new costumes were a surprise! I think Cyclops' and Jean's costumes were a cool improvement, but Angel's costume is awful! He looks like a dork. I'm not digging the colors either. 

-    I love how the origins parts were added. It was fun to read about how Professor X found Scott and made him Cyclops. I hope they keep adding those at the end of each issue. I would like to see origins on all the characters.

-    Along with new costumes, The X-Men get new toned muscles as well. Each of them are more defined. 

-    The last issue is a killer cliffhanger! Professor X cannot be dead!! 

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