Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blue Exorcist: Volume 2

10334528From Goodreads:    Shocked by the death of his foster father and the revelation that his real father is the demon Lord Satan, Rin Okumura enters the True Cross Academy to learn to be an exorcist. But every great exorcist has to start somewhere, and for the students of the academy the first step is the Exwire examination. To prepare for the exam, the new pages in Yokio's class must undergo intensive training. Rin and his classmates have their hands full when a demon appears, but is this a test or something more sinister? 

My Thoughts:

-    Poor Shiemi! I feel so bad for her. I'm hoping for a lot of growth from her.

-    I want to know more about Mephisto. He is weird.

-    What are the requirements to join this school? Can anyone become and exorcist?

-    I liked the first volume more.

-    Nee is cute! I wish it was in color so I could see him better. 

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