Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Shallee McArthur's Launch Party

Before the launch party, Suey and I made posters!
We've never done this before, but I thought it would be fun.

Here are our posters and Shallee. Suey is taking the picture, so Tori (her daughter) is holding her poster.

This was the launch party for The Unhappening of Genesis Lee. It is Shallee's debut novel.
She talked about her life long journey to becoming an author. It was a fun presentation. Her book was influenced by The Giver by Lois Lowry, her grandmother, and her baby brush. There was also 2 gifs of Richard Armitage! I requested Armitage, and Shallee delivered!

She had some amazing giveaways! She gave away bags with 2 books, some cool bracelets, swag for her book, candy, and a giant eraser. It was awesome! Suey won a bag!

Here is Shallee signing her book!

I think this was the last author event for a while. We've had a lot of them!
Next event: MOCKINGJAY!!!


  1. Love that you guys did this!!! How fun.

  2. It was a very fun event. I'm glad we got to go. And, way to think of doing posters. Shallee totally loved them. Sorry I pooped out on making them. :)

  3. Wow, that was so awesome of you guys to make posters. Sheila's book title & cover are brilliant. & Richard Armitage...swoooon. If he can pull off being a hot dwarf, he can pull of anything, hahaha.

  4. YOU ARE THE BOMB. Just thought you should know. :)

  5. This looks so fun!! I'm SO SAD I missed it. :(

    Also, Shallee commented on your blog!! How awesome is that?!?