Friday, February 13, 2015

Fan Art Friday: Persuasion


Just finished reading this and watching the 1995 movie. I liked it!
I found some really beautiful fan art for this one!

The last two are my favorite, especially the last one. Oh the feels from that letter!

Which is your favorite?

If you like a certain picture and want to see more from that artist, all the pictures are linked to where I found them.

If you have a request for Fan Art Friday, feel free to leave suggestions in the comments! Thanks!


  1. My favorite is the fourth from the bottom. I really like that picture of Anne.

  2. Hmmm. I commented but it didn't seem to go through! Here's what I said - I love these! And I really need to read Persuasion.

  3. I love the last two! But the one with the letter and's beautifully done! And yes yes yes!!!! That letter is amazing, isn't it?! *dreamy sigh* :)

  4. The last one is my favorite too :) - Maggie @ macarons & paperbacks

  5. So you finished it and liked it in the end?