Thursday, February 19, 2015

Getting to Know You: Candy

This latest feature is hosted by Jenni! Each week she'll prompt us to list stuff we love. 
This week's prompt is:

My Favorite Candy

I'm more of a salty eater than sweet eater, but I do enjoy a few candies.

Almond Joy
I love every variety of this, especially the pieces.

Utah Truffles
I love the dark chocolate and mint.

Chewy Spree
Purple and red are my favorite!

Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers
I only like Trolli brand, and the blue and red are my favorite.

Andes Mints

Sour Punch Straws

Peanut Butter M&M's
These are a bit nostalgic for me. In Jr. High, my friends and I would eat these every day. We'd cut out the M&M characters and tape them in my friend's locker.
I also love the coconut M&M's, but I can't find them anymore :(

See's Candies
I don't indulge too often, and it depends on which chocolates. I have a very specific few I get when I go in.


  1. Yummy list! I want to eat all the candies!

  2. Some of these look awesome yummy and some... what???

  3. Coconut M&Ms?! I've never heard of them but they sound amazing!