Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ransom Riggs

On Wednesday, Jenni, Suey, Toto, and I saw/met Ransom Riggs!
It was a very short event, but it was still fun.

Mr. Riggs was on a tight schedule, so he did some signings before and after his presentation. I think they should always do this. It was awesome to be able to leave right away and skip the craziness afterwards.
Here is Suey and Toto smiling and meeting the author.

 Signing the book

Here is Jenni meeting Mr. Riggs.

His presentation was short and sweet, and so were his answers to a lot of the questions.
He was very funny and charming that way.
He talked about how he found old pictures interesting and started collecting them.
He approached his peeps and said it would be could to write a book about some of these old pictures.
Ransom Riggs is his real name.
He couldn't say much about the movie, but he hopes it is good.
After his stop in Utah, he was going to watch some of the movie being filmed.
He talked about how book people are much happier and nicer than movie people.
He is a very good friend of John Green.
Any deep meanings or symbols in his books were unintentional, but he thinks it's cool.
His next book is coming out this fall. It is the third and last in the Peculiar Children series.
The movie is coming out next spring.

I think that covers the bulk of what he talked about. 
It was so cool to meet this author. I love his books, and I'm SO stoked that Tim Burton is making the movie!


  1. Don't hate me cause I know you liked this book but let's hope Tim Burton can save it. It was just such a cool idea but bad execution. Anywho, it looks like you guys had fun one again. Wish I could have gone.

  2. I haven't read this book, as of yet, but I'm super excited for the movie. It has such a great cast! Asa Butterfield...Eva Green...

    Great recap of the signing :)

  3. Mr Riggs? That sounds so funny! I just think he should always be both names... Ransom Riggs. Best name ever. He was awesome and it was fun to meet him. I hope his wife comes next time. And I like that silly picture of me. I'm stealing it. You didn't steal the picture I took of him gazing so nicely at you. . . I sent it to you!!

  4. Wow! You got this up quick! It was really fun to go. I love we didn't have to stand in a long line to get our books signed, but I felt a little rushed, lol. I'm glad you got some good pics!