Friday, February 20, 2015


This was the best trailer I could find. The movie looks and sounds a lot better.

My Thoughts:

-    I liked this! It was a great story with lots of tension!

-    Captain Wentworth isn't as handsome as Richard Armitage, but he did a good job portraying the character.

-    Mary is SO melodramatic!

-    Mrs. Croft is Mrs. Dursley!! It was so weird to see her smile and play a kind character.

-    I felt sad for poor Anne. Everyone took her for granted and didn't appreciate her. I really liked Anne's character. I liked that she was shy and quiet. There is nothing wrong with a meek, humble, and sweet female protagonist. 

-    I loved all the longing looks between Anne and Captain Wentworth. 

-    I love that Anne travels with the captain on his ship! Such a happy life for both of them!

-    I had unanswered questions after the movie. What happens to Mr. Elliot and Kellynch? Does Elizabeth ever get married? Are Louisa and Captain Benwick happy?

-    The circus parade at the end is weird!!

-    Wonderful movie! I wouldn't mind watching this a few more times.


  1. I don't think I'll watch this one. I think the actors being so old would bug me. I know the characters in Persuasion are older than most of Austen's characters, but they're not in their 40s and 50s!

  2. You should try the other version (2007) that I watched and compare. I'd be interested to know which one you liked the best. :) (Capt. Wentworth is very handsome in that version, but still not to Richard Armitage level!)

    1. I'll watch it soon! It is sitting on my shelf.

  3. I actually just watched this movie this morning. I adore this version of Persuasion, even though it's older. I love the little looks Anne and Wentworth give to each other (or don't give), and I love that the letter scene stays truer to the book than the BBC version. My favorite part is when he squeezes her hand before they kiss <3 glad you enjoyed it!

    1. The looks are awesome! I love little things like that. Yes, the hand squeeze!

  4. I liked this movie version the best. I'm so glad you liked the book after the slow start. It's my favorite Austen.