Monday, February 9, 2015

Sink or Swim

16043628Goodreads Says:    Once again my brother and I are in hot water...

We weren't planning to mess up the fairy tales. The first two times, we did it by accident. 

But when our magic mirror pulls us into the story of the Little Mermaid, we have no choice but to try and rewrite it. Let's just say the original story does NOT end happily!

Now we need to:
- Convince our mermaid to keep her tail
- Plan a royal wedding
- Avoid getting eaten by sharks

We've got to find a happy ending for the Little Mermaid . . . before she's fish food, and we're lost at sea forever!

My Thoughts:

-    I have to admit these are becoming a little bit of a guilty pleasure for me. 

-    Abbey and Jonah are so much fun. Jonah really won the spotlight in this one. His fun loving nature just brings a smile to my face.

-    My daughter is on an Ariel kick right now, and I think she'd love this book. I need to start reading middle grade to her. She is getting old enough.

-    I can relate to Abbey on a few levels. It is werid to be able to relate to a 10 year old, but there you go. I used to be scared of water and swimming as well.

-    I really like how these retellings are based on the original fairy tales and not Disney's versions. The Little Mermaid is not a happy story, and I love how that came into play.

-    I really like how the mermaid took her life into her own hands. She made her own decisions in the end.

-    Things are so much simpler in the eyes of child, and I love how the author used that.

-    If you want a light, fluffly, and cute quick read, this series is for you! 

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