Monday, May 11, 2015

Bout of Books Starting Line

Bout of Books

Let's get this party started!!

Here are the books I'd like to plow through this week:

1137151 16130758 18705209
5282027 13570639 17333322
11043618 16109664 17352960

Ambitious? Yes!
I'm so excited! Let's get rockin'!


  1. Good luck with your goals! That's a lot of books. :)

  2. Great list! Once you finish Shadow Study, let me know if it's a book that needs to be read after reading the first (3?) in the series, or if it's its own series. I was a little confused on that end. In any case, this week looks to be great for you! :)

  3. That's a lot of books but a lot of good looking books. They should be easy! Good luck!