Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dune Read Along: Book 3 Discussion

Can you believe we finished? WAHOO!
Give yourself a pat on the back and do a happy dance!


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1.  What are your overall thoughts? Did you like it?

It had a lot of slow parts, but there were a lot of interesting parts as well. As a whole, I think I liked it.

2.  Do you think you could ride a giant worm?

No! I would not be able to climb the rope onto one. I would be afraid of getting anywhere near a worm. I would get eaten. I also feel a little sad that they had to expose a wound to ride the worms. 

3.  Paul's relationship with his mom, Jessica, dramatically changed and evolved over the course of the book. How did their relationship change and why do you think it did?

At the beginning of the book, I think Paul looked towards Jessica for guidance, especially since she was teaching him the Bene Gesserit ways. After the Duke was killed, Paul stepped up and took the leadership role. Paul continued to develop into more leadership roles, and Jessica was more of a support. I think their relationship evolved out of necessity. 

4.  What do you think about Paul's lack of emotion?

He is like a zombie. He didn't cry for his father or any of the other Atreides people that died. He didn't even cry for his son! He even told Chani they could have more sons! That really bugged me. As a mom, I can have more kids, but no child could replace the one I already have. I would be devastated if my gnome was killed. I don't see how he can claim to cherish Chani when he has no emotions! 

5.  Now that I've finished, I feel like I'd pick up on a lot more of the details and things if I read it again. Do you think you'll reread Dune? If this is a reread, did you catch different things this time around?

I will probably read this again in a few years. I think it would interesting and fun to pick up on more things. 

6.  How do you feel about the political arrangement at the end? Do you feel bad for Princess Irulan or Chani?

I feel bad for the princess. She is basically a slave to her fate, and no one will care that she is going to be super lonely for the rest of her life. Maybe she'll get a male concubine?

I think Chani got the shaft as well. She is just going to be his play thing because I don't think Paul has the capacity to love. 

Dune - Stilgar by ilya-b7.  Will you read the rest of the series?

I don't know. I'm undecided.

8.  Favorite character and why?

Kynes died and didn't do much in the end anyway, so I'd have to go with Stilgar. I liked how he was always concerned for the Fremen people. He was always looking for a better future.

9.  What did you think about the quotes at the beginning of each chapter? Did you read them? Were they interesting? Were they helpful?

I read them, but I didn't understand a lot of them. I don't know why they are there. 

10.  Did you have fun during the Read Along? Was there anything we could have done better? Would you have read this book if you hadn't joined?

I always fun with our read alongs. I admit, I probably wouldn't have read Dune if Jenni had pushed so hard for the read along and reading it for book club. I'm glad I read it though!


  1. I'm glad that you ended up liking it in the end. And, that you're even thinking you could reread it. :D

  2. Wow. I don't think I'll ever re-read this one. We shared a lot of the same opinions though. Paul bugged me in the end and I was devastated with the whole princess/Chani thing. What a horrible way to end the book!

  3. Great questions. I'm working on getting my answers up now. :) And we might have to change the watching party to Friday the 29th. does that work for you? I'm still not sure if I have a conflict....

  4. The part when Paul tells Chani they can have more kids bugged me as well! That is a terrible thing to tell someone who just lost their child. Paul's emotionless way of being just bugged me in general. Never could like him, no matter how hard I tried to convince myself! And once he said that to Chani, I was like "Nope. Never gonna like you now."