Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Bourne Legacy

My Thoughts:

-    Yes! I only watched this because Renner is my new celebrity crush. I was not disappointed. There were lots of great Renner moments to ooh and aah and enjoy.

-    The whole story is a little confusing. I feel like the movie expected the audience to know a lot of things before watching this. It was like the middle of a story.

-    The monkey cam was annoying!

-    The action was awesome! Loved all the fighting and chasing and running across roof tops. There were some intense scenes that had me clutching the blanket on my lap.

-    While Renner is the main attraction of this film, the rest of the cast was good as well. I especially liked the leading lady. I felt scared and sorry for her.

-    The ending was really abrupt. Is there going to be another one? Were the characters safe in the end? 

-   Despite the setbacks, there was a lot to admire in this movie. It is my favorite in the Bourne series. ;)


  1. They plan to do more, but I liked the original three films better. This one was only okay for me. It lacked the awesome Bourne vibe the other ones had. But, I did like Renner.

  2. I'm with Jenni. This one was a disappointment to me after the original three Bourne movies.

  3. I am one of those people who didn't really like the first Bourne movies. They were okay, but not really my thing. However, I did like this Renner helmed one pretty well (probably because I have no attachment to the other ones). As an action movie, I felt like it delivered.

  4. I loved the first three movies and have been meaning to see this one. Obviously I really need to make that happen!