Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dune Read Along: Book 2 Discussion

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Fremen. Whoa. Swoon.1. What do you think about all the rituals the Freman have surrounding water? Especially the funeral.

I think it is amazing what people will do to survive. I can't even imagine having a need for water so badly. The funeral was interesting. I'm not sure it is something I could watch. The Fremen customs seem so strange to me. Paul and Jessica seem like they are walking on eggshells so they can be integrated into their "tribe" or whatever. It would be stressful. 

2. Any other thoughts you have about the Freman now that we've been introduced a little better?

I think the Fremen are the key to taking back Arrakis and taking down the Baron and Emporer. I'm waiting for the epic war!

3. How do you feel about the way Paul is progressing to his destiny?

I think he is SUPER paranoid! Every decision he makes is premeditated. He has to think about how his choices will change the future. I think he is a bit over dramatic about it, especially his feelings towards his mom.  

4. We had more deaths in this section, two that stand out. Compare and contrast them.

NO! WHY!? I didn't want Kynes to die. Grrrr! I think Jamis was an ass, and I'm glad Paul took him down. 

It think it is weird how Kynes is being mourned, but Jamis really isn't. His death is accepted, and everyone has moved on. 

5. What political maneuverings are happening during this section? I'd love a nice uncomplicated explanation!

Hawat is an idiot! I don't get his deal.

The whole Count, Feyd-Rautha, Baron dynamic is confusing. These people are insane!

6. What religious events are happening?

I feel like we've covered some of this in the previous questions. 

I think what the Fremen call weirding ways are awfully similar to the Bene Gesserit ways. The tests that Paul and Jessica are being put through are scary. 

I feel like everything is so radical! I guess that is what lack of water does to people. 

7. What do you think of the Baron?

Crazy psycho evil dude!

Chani, Dune
8. Any foreshadowing moments that stand out to you? What's going to happen?

Paul better lead an epic war against the Emporer and Baron!!!
I think Jessica's baby is going to be crazy but important.
Obviously Chani and Paul are getting together.

9. How do you like (or dislike) this section compared to the first? Any new favorite characters?

I thought this section was alright. It is still slow in parts. I like Chani and Stilgar. They interest me. They count bugs me. I hate the way he talks!

10. Do you plan to finish and stick with us through part three?


  1. Love the GIF. I'm with this until the end but I'm kinda thinking it's not going to wrap up as well as Jenni says it does.

  2. Ha ha ha! I love your gif. I'm glad you're enjoying it even if some parts are slow. I can't wait to see what you think of Book 3.

  3. That picture of that dude whoever he is, is still the best! I wonder what Lee Pace thinks of everything. We should invite him to our read along. Maybe he'll join us for the chat? I can tag him and see....